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Bism Rabbik Foundation Inc. is a not for profit Muslim organization.
The foundation operates multiple different facilities:
Madrasa Al-Farooq
Muslim Cemetery of South Florida
Muslim Cemetery of Miami-Dade
Riyadh Ul Jannah Funeral Home
We also provide religious educational material, teach Quran, shrouds for Islamic burial etc...

The most sensitive issue B.R.F. deals with is the passing of a loved one. As an organization we are here to assist the grieving families. As well as what steps the families need to take upon the demise of their loved one. This part is devoted to making funeral arrangements.

*Please remember the Muslim cemetery is for the use of Alhul sunnah wa jamaha only*

In the event of the demise of a loved one:
The first step is to notify the proper authorities.
The next step is to make funeral arrangements.
If you are to use the Muslim Cemetery facilities, please call 954-680-0209 to make these arrangements. Upon receiving your call you will be provided with further instructions.
As a next of kin, you will be required to sign a release for us to collect the remains.
The next of kin in order of priority is: Spouse, Children, Parents, Siblings, Cousins, Etc.
For the death certificate we will need all pertinent information about deceased, please have it handy.
The Arrangement Order form will guide you as to what information is required.
All the necessary forms and by-laws are included on this site. Please read them, this will make easy for you to decide if indeed this is where to want your loved one interred. If you have any questions or concerns please call us, we will gladly assist you in your time of need.

***These facilities are unique in the sense that they are community owned and operated and are available to you 24 hours a day.***

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We are located at:

17551 N.W. 137th Avenue

Hialeah Gardens, FL 33018

P: 305-798-3312 or 954-680-0209


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